Land 9223

*Land 9223 founded at the eighth neighborhood, mokkatam ( The middle plateau ) near ringroad, circular carrefour and near from MTI university and easy sports club.

-Distinguished by having private garden.

*It’s consists of 5 rounds, it has ground floor and basement (2 Doplex).

*Every round include 3 flats and landscape garden.

*It has imported granite enterance which have special glass. Stainless and its ultra faces are highly modern.

*It has sensitive lighting for entrances and it has Italian elevator.

*If you are interested to pay 30% percent in advance and the rest over 3 years (36) months.

For reservations and inquiries plz call us on these numbers

19699 – 01028888898 –  01012000033

Property Features

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  • Teras
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