About Us

About Next Home

Next Home is a leading Real Estate Developer in the Egyptian market, designing and developing residential and commercial Real Estate according to the world-class style and many competitive advantages, which gives our customers in the Egyptian market an integrated experience completely different. Includes a variety of decorations and finishes service that are compatible with different tastes, as well as the sales department that offers multi-price programs suitable for all segments of the Egyptian residents and expats abroad who wish to distinguish. In addition, to enriching the experience of the professional after-sales services and building a long-term relationship with customers.

Next Home, started its journey with a capital of 90 million Egyptian pounds, Next Home Group has a number of distinguished Real Estate developers in the local market. Mr. Emad Mansour Mansour – the Head of Board Directors, and he is one of the Egyptian leaders in the field of Real Estate Development for 15 years of success crowned by many distinguished urban communities such as (Logor – Sarayat – Asmarat).

Next Home aims to strengthen its presence among the Egyptian, regional and international specialized companies. By relying on a qualified and trained team dealing with customers, according to the latest innovative management and communication methods.

Next Home offers a modern experience for its customers through a unique administrative building reflects the strategic future vision towards the concept of luxury and innovative investment in the brand reputation

President’s Word

The Egyptian civilization has dominated the era of architectural excellence in Real Estate Development domain for many years, and it has been the destination of regional and international developers. To shape their future strategy in real estate development and promotion as one of the most powerful economic engines with a positive impact on supporting the economies of countries, developing communities and building cities. In order to keep pace with the changes that have become the most important pillars of sustainability achievement and providing the luxury while maintaining the Arab identity and world-class standards.

Today, at Next Home we are taking a steady step to pave a way for the future and to extend the original Egyptian civilization bridges to the current booming of the Real Estate. By providing a unique customer experience based on modern concepts, craft performance and stylish designs that meet current needs and future features.

Also, we value and trust our leading team of distinguished Egyptian cadres to maximize their benefit from the modern architectural revolution, which takes creativity and innovation as a new title for the Real Estate Development and residential experience. Aiming to enhance our role as one of the Egyptian companies that participate in supporting the economic situation and achieving the future aspirations of the Egyptians. In addition to creating a clear architectural vision to the customers.

Our Vision

The strategic vision of the leading Real Estate Developer “Next Home” is based on the smart blend of luxury in modern architectural designs and innovative features of the world-class models that give a unique customer experience. The mix between the competitive prices and payment facilities through various packages representing many smart options suits the different capabilities and needs of our Egyptian customers locally and in different Arab countries. Last but not least, our betting on the Egyptian human resources that manage the operation with the latest smart and effective communication methods to enhance the customers’ experiences with a new Egyptian brand.

“Next Home” strives to integrate into real estate services for expanding their business activities in the coming years, to occupy a high position among the real estate developers and deploying the projects across the country. Meanwhile, strengthen cooperation with the government authorities, entities and concerned parties in the Real Estate Affairs, as an effective way to develop the community.

“Next Home” creates a new ideal model for all Real Estate investors to reach the target customers; through innovative methods such as After Sales Services based on careful study of economic data to provide different payment programs, through strong partnerships with the banks and local banking institutions to achieve a unique and satisfactory customer experience

Our Mission

The main objective for the leading Real Estate Developer “Next Home” is keeping up to the international standards and the variable changes in the design of urban communities. By adopting the modern frameworks in the Real Estate Development field, and applying it in the local market, considering the competitive advantages such as the rules of environmental protection as well as reducing the negative effects of construction work to protect society and provide a safe environment for the customers.

“Next Home” is looking forward to the optimal use of the digital revolution, which is playing a key role in the planning and developing of the future cities. To keep abreast of global trends and connecting the Egyptian civilization with the new era of communication.

As part of its main mission,

“Next Home” strives to establish partnerships that are distinguished and economically feasible. By providing a variety of payment programs. Thus establishing a new concept that depends on the economic variables and the competitive prices, subject to the adopted legal framework by the Egyptian government; considering the seasonal variations of the raw materials price that we carefully select to satisfy the aspirations of the customers.

In a related context, “Next Home” entrenches the spirit of perseverance and the constant pursuit of the best, and develop the skills and possibilities of human efficiency, to be aligned with its continued objectives in building a long-term relationship with its customers and partners based on trust and good reputation to consolidate its position.

Future Strategy

  • The future strategy of Next Home reflects its ambitious vision to play a positive role in real estate development, based on a number of the main axes:
  • Enhancing our investments, our human expertise and our vision for the Real Estate development in the Egyptian market. Also, we believe in the importance of joining efforts with economic initiatives and national development programs, which aims to reach a bright future and emphasize unique experiences for the customers from the homeland and abroad.
  • In Next Home, we chose the charm of Eastern nature that surrounded by a layer of sophistication and civilization on the Mokattam plateau, as the first step of Real Estate Development in our journey towards success and excellence. We promise to provide a different architectural experience in a blend of originality and well-being for our customers.
  • Our experience clarifies that our customers are the excellence seekers of the Egyptian Expats who are looking for an opportunity to acquire world-class residential units in Egypte.
  • Next Home is working closely on a long-term strategy aims at a constructive, fruitful and value-added cooperation with all the government authorities and entities are involved with the development of the Real Estate and Architectural domain in Egypt, to enhance our participation and our role in contributing to the future boom.

The future plans for the growth and expansion of Next Home branches are based on the ideal geographical distribution to cover the cities and the key areas in the governorates, to ensure a perfect customer experience.

The Competitive Advantages

4 Reasons telling you: Why Next Home is your best choice for the future Home.

  • Complete install packages of payment plans that suit our target customers, includes an integrated program of cooperation with the major banks and banking institutions in Egypt for a longer repayment period.
  • Next Home offers offers innovative and unique packages for the finishing, decoration and delivery specifications, in order to satisfy all tastes and provide many choices that suit the requirements and capabilities of each customer.
  • The competitive price plans for the residential units of Next Home are based on unique standards, considering the successive changes in the raw material prices without affecting the quality of the units. Also, the cash availability for some customers.
  • “Around you everywhere”

Next Home has strong direct communication channels with the customers, through the branches all over Egypt, and the social media channels that interact with customers in real time, also the Call Center that can be reached via the hotline (19699).